About Us

Lego figurines of diverse gender and race in front of a lego Progress Pride flag
Image by Ric Lander – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Executive Board

Sasha Strong headshot

Sasha Strong, PhD, LPC (they/them)

Sasha founded Queer Confluence and brings years of experience as a counselor in private practice and higher education. In their clinical work, Sasha specializes in gender-affirming therapy with trans, non-binary, and queer people. Their practice emphasizes mindful, somatic, and relational approaches, and they have a specialty in group therapy. Sasha has offered trainings and published research on trans and non-binary cultural competency in counseling. They are a member of WPATH, TPATH, and the American Psychological Association. Learn more at Brilliancy Counseling.

K Hixson headshot

K Hixson, PhD, LPC (they/them)

K is a community-based counselor educator with a passion for supervision, training, and equity in practice. They offer trainings in clinical supervision of LPC and LMFT associates. K also trains therapists in Narrative Exposure Therapy for trauma. Hixson brings social justice, anti-racist, and anti-oppression perspectives to their work. They have worked with trans and gender non-conforming clients and supervisees for many years. K was awarded the 2018 Leona Tyler Award from the Oregon Counseling Association for their outstanding contributions to the profession. Find out more at drhixson.com.

Madison Unsworth headshot

Madison Unsworth, MS (she/her)

Madison is a Professional Counselor Associate in private practice working with LGBTQIA2S+ adults and relationships. She specializes in trauma-informed therapy. Madison has a background in public health, harm reduction, substance abuse treatment, and sexual health counseling. She has also worked in community mental health settings. Madison’s private practice is Kindred Heart Counseling.

Advisory Board

Jamison Green, PhD – Trans Equity Consultant, Jamison Green & Associates

Audra Grady Verrier, PhD – Director of Career and Leadership Development, Sonoma State University

Martin Vlach, PhD – Business Mentor, Chapter Co-Chair, SCORE Portland OR

Kaden Winterkorn, MEd – Counselor, Resilience Counseling

Caleb Feldman, MA – Education Specialist, Oregon Health Sciences University

Murph Murphy, MDiv – Director of Queer Student Services, Portland State University